SPNK! Collective


A collective born to promote queer art and uplift queer artists.

07.05 OPEN CALL for LACUNA exhibition at Burgh House, Hampstead.
UAL students submit by 21 March 12PM.

We are pleased to announce an open call for artworks to be featured at our first physical exhibition this June!
   We are looking for up to 3 images from a single project exploring the theme ‘Lacuna’. The call is open to all LGBTQIA+ artists currently studying at UAL.
   The lacuna has been defined as an unfilled space in a manuscript or narrative, and also as an accidental gap in linguistics - a hole in the pattern, a word which does not exist, even though permitted by the grammatical rules of a language. We would like to imagine this exhibition as a lacuna, either as an unfilled space open to the endless possibilities queerness can afford or more in line with the idea of an accidental gap - that is, as a thing that has always been emphatically there but yet erased and expected to be absent. The idea is to both commemorate the queer experience as well as to keep an eye on the possibilities ahead.

   The works selected will be on show for three weeks in Burgh House in Hampstead. They will be editioned and up for sale with a small commission paid towards the gallery.

Please send your submissions (jpeg, max 1MB) to spnkcollective@gmail.com before the 21st of May.